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College Football Lines

There are 2 types of betting lines in sports betting, the moneyline, which is more commonly used for sports like baseball, tennis, and boxing, and the point spread, the line regularly used for football and basketball. Because College football spreads are not the only ways you can place wagers these days, we will also be explaining NCAA College football lines in this article.

To explain this clearly this entire article will refer to this hypothetical College football betting line below.

Notre Dame +170
USC -200

The NCAA football lines punishes bettors wagering on favorites by making them lay money, in essence making them bet more money on a team, than they hope to win back. For example if a bettor had to lay 2 to 1 odds, for every $10 he hoped to win, he would have to bet $20. So using the example above if the bettor wanted to win $100 and bet on USC he would have to lay $200 to win $100. If USC was able to win the game straight up the sports book would than refund that $200 the bettor had to put up in the first place, as well as credit him $100 to his account for the winning wager.

Now on the other side of the coin, the underdog bettors are rewarded for wagering on the lesser of the 2 skilled opponents. Underdog bettors receive more money back than they bet as compensation for betting on the “dog”. Using that same College football line above, betting on the underdog would pay back $170 for every $100 wagered. In addition to winning that $170 the bettor is only required to risk $100 and that $100 is also refunded to your account if Notre Dame pulls off the upset.

That is College football lines in a nutshell. If you think you are ready to start wagering check out the NCAA football lines from Bodog below. For more information on College football spreads check out the additional article below. Also we wanted to make you aware, if you are looking for some help this season picking winners check out our winning College football picks we offer to all visitors of the website.

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