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College Football Betting

With betting on College football being the second most popular form of sports wagering we felt it was appropriate to offer a college football betting guide to our visitors.

The most popular bet in College football is a straight bet on a single team. The bet is determined by the point spread, a handicap that allegedly gives both teams an equivalent chance to cover the College football betting line and win for the bettor. The person wagering selects one team, either the favorite or the underdog, and bets in a pecuniary arena that requires him to risk $11 to win $10. For an example lets say that Nebraska and Colorado are playing and Nebraska is a 6 ½ point favorite. If the bettor liked Nebraska he would lay or give the 6 ½, and the Cornhuskers would have to win by at least 7 points for him to win his bet. If the sports bettor like Colorado, he would take or get 6 ½ points, which means he would win the bet if the Buffaloes lost by no more than 6 points.

In short form the person betting on Nebraska started the game out minus 6 ½ points, or 6 ½ points in the hole. The person wagering on Colorado started the game with a 6 ½ point bonus. Once the game has ended the sportsbook will subtract the 6 ½ from the final score of Nebraska or add the 6 ½ points to the final score of the Buffaloes, depending on which team the bettor placed his bet on. If the final score was Nebraska 35, Colorado 28, Nebraska would be declared the point spread winner (35 minus 6.5 = 28.5). In the sports betting community, Nebraska was a 28.5 to 28 winner. If the game ended Nebraska 34, Colorado 28, the Buffaloes would be the winners (28 plus 6 ½ = 34 ½), which would mean Colorado won 34.5 to 34.

We hope you enjoyed this College football betting article and if you feel we left anything out email us any questions you may have and as we love to be able to serve the public.

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