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NCAA Football Odds

Before viewing the weekly NCAA football odds below read up on some of the ins and outs of booking college football bets and how these spreads can create profitable betting situations.

In the college football spreads article we had noted that the bookmaker is more of a broker than a gambler and the point of the odds is to get equal action on both sides of the game and collect “his cut” or “brokerage fee” for holding the money between both bettors. Seems the bookie doesn’t do much work to get his 10% but in reality the sportsbooks jobs are a lot harder than it sounds and are often on the hook or having a rooting interest in a games final outcome.

We all know by now the financial structure of college football betting as it is rather elementary. The public bets at -110 odds meaning they are risking in increments of $11 for every $10 bet he wishes to place. When one side wins the other is paid off and the book collects his 10% from the losing bettors ticket. This is all a very profitable business for the book when equal action is obtained but lets look at why a bookmaker can often be very exposed on one side, and the value that is often offered against the NCAA football betting odds because of this.

For the example lets use Nebraska and Kansas State. Lets say this season the Wildcats are playing excellent ball and have one of their better teams in recently memory. The linesmaker will look at this game and see that the Cornhuskers have consistently pounded the weak Wildcats for years, beating them by double digits year in and year out. The books know that public perception could care less how good the Kansas State football team is this year and will only remember that Nebraska’s blowout wins from previous seasons.

When the sportsbooks put out the initial opening line for this game it will more than likely be 4-5 points higher than what these teams would match-up on paper. Because of that public perception they juice the football odds on this game up to avoid being one-sided on a game. Sure they could open the game at -10, but if 95% of the bets are going to come in on the Cornhuskers the books could put themselves in a terrible position to be clobbered if Nebraska was to cover the point spread.

What this creates is an excellent opportunity for bets on the Kansas State Wildcats against the NCAA football odds. You are getting great value and in essence are getting 4-5 free points because of the general public’s opinion. Always look for situations like this when you are College football betting. See if you can spot any off lines with this weeks NCAA football spreads below.

Every Sunday the new lines will be posted and available for you to view. We recommend book marking this page so you will always have the most up to date Weekly NCAA football Odds at your disposal. If there is a College football line that stands out to you, you can click on any of the NCAA Football Odds links and you will be redirected to Bodog Sportsbook and be able to lock in your line as well as collect a nice 10% sign up bonus just for opening an account at Bodog courtesy of

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