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College Football Handicapping

If you have read the NFL handicapping article you heard us refer to 3 types of methods that most players use when handicapping football games. We covered the abstract factors that determine outcomes of games and how you shouldn’t let those get you down. Now we are going to move onto the subjective factors concerning a game, particularly in college football handicapping.

To use this information first you must understand it and luckily you have a few nice guys that are willing to post their thoughts on college football handicapping for the general public to read. The subjective factors are aspects which play a motivating part in the outcome of a football game. These are things that affect a teams desire or their ability to concentrate, both in a positive and negative way.

Some examples of this college football handicapping factor would be home coming, a revenge situation, a coach being let go, and a fight in practice. You can also throw in all the off the field factors such as players getting arrested (FSU is notorious for that one), players being arrested, scandals, and deaths in the family.

For our example we will use the 2004 Florida @ Florida State game to illustrate the losing a coach angle. In this game the Gators were installed as 7 point underdogs to the Seminoles. Prior to this game it had been announced that at the end of the season Coach Zook would be let go. Although most of the Florida Gator fans and alumni didn’t particular like Zook and had been lobbing for this move, the players loved Coach Zook and there was no doubt they were going to give an inspired effort against a hated rival. Florida went on to win that game outright and the players showed their appreciation to their coach by carrying him off the field as if they had just won the national championship.

If you were handicapping this game and knew the relationship players had with the coach this was an added incentive to not only cover the 7 point spread, but win the game outright. The revenge and home coming angles are for the most part overrated as bookmakers already factor things like this in, but the departing coach angle we feel still holds a ton of water in terms of strongest college football handicapping angles.

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